Anchor in your Breathe with a 5-Minute Mindfulness meditation


At Full Circle we like to think of ourselves as alchemists. Alchemists of ease, mindfulness and empowerment. One of the many ways that we achieve these qualities (besides Pilates of course) is by little self check ins such as this 5 minute mindfulness meditation.

Whether or not you are a pro with meditation or just a beginner, this simple practice is totally approachable for everyone. It is a brief ritual of sorts that get you grounded in preparation for your day ahead, or to allow yourself to settle into the present moment after a tough day. This practice can be exceptionally useful when your mind and body are feeling out of touch with each other, and out of touch period. 

Maintaining a regular meditation practice helps us to cultivate greater overall awareness of our internal states, a sense of calm, concentration and a general rooted feeling in your being. With meditation, practice doesn’t make perfect (hint – there is no perfect!) but practice does create greater ease in navigating through life’s obstacles – big or small. Think of it has developing your own personal first-aid kit for your mind.

How to get started:

  1. Get comfy.

    By sitting or lying down and with eyes or open or closed, bring some awareness to your body. Get curious about it. How does it feel and sit? What does your body sense? Sometimes it helps to tune into your body by tuning into your environment around you. What are the sounds and smells? Connecting to all of your bodily senses aids in settling into the present.

  2. Tune into your breathe.

    The inhale and exhale. All of that goodness. Having some trouble tuning in? Try exaggerating your breathe a bit (make it noticeable!) Take a deep inhale for 3 seconds, then hold for 2, long exhale for 4 and then repeat. A little tip – the more attention you bring to the exhale, the lengthier the inhale. Voila: deep breaths!)

  3. Just breathe.

    Now that you’ve anchored into your breathe, ease up a bit and just allow the breathe to flow in and out naturally. This may be difficult at times, but just do the best you can with kindness. Your mind may wander, but no sweat, just reintroduce yourself to your breathe once more and begin again. Allow yourself to stay in the ebb and flow of your breathe for some time. 5-15 minutes is great!

  4. Check in with yourself.

    Check in with yourself again as you complete your practice. How does your body feel? What are the sensations like in your body and mind? Make a mental note of the before and after effects, and if you like jot down a few notes so that you can keep a log of your experiences, for reflection sake and to see how you’ve transformed within the practice (and life!).

Click here to find an audio clip of this 5-minute mindfulness meditation and to read more details on this beautiful practice.

Full Circle