Movement & Writing from the Inside Out - A Retreat!

This summer, Darcy McMurray and Kristen Berg are uniting their collective knowledge to offer a wonderfully special retreat: Movement & Writing from the Inside Out, on beautiful Hornby Island!

Full Circle Studio Movement and Writing on Hornby

Within this retreat we will be investigating how developing awareness through sensation, controlled movements, along with free flow writing exercises, storytelling and dance, can open us up to new thoughts, enhancing our creative capacity and energies. We will explore how this type of play can actually alter the holding patterns that can get stuck within our bodies and minds. Darcy and Kristen hope to spark the innate wealth of creativity we all hold inside. 

Absolutely all fitness levels are welcome and all movements will be tailored to each person’s level. No previous writing experience is required. This retreat is open to anyone interested in expanding concepts around creative expression. 

“Expect to play, dig deep, and be uplifted by the end of the weekend!”

Attending the retreat is a great excuse to visit Hornby Island if you haven’t had the pleasure of travelling to this magical place before! This weekend will coincide with the Hornby Festival, a 10-day music and arts event that has been celebrated on the island for more than 35 years. Along with this, you can enjoy your free time exploring an abundance of beaches, markets or hikes. 

Meals and accommodations are available at Sun Door Yoga at 250-335-2890 or

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If you’d like to find out more about our Movement & Writing from the Inside Out Retreat, you can click the link below. Darcy and Kristen are both super excited to invite you to a place they know so well and love!