Pilates – Perfect for Seniors


One of the many great attributes about Pilates, is how widely accessible it is to all fitness levels, sizes, ages… you name it. We often hear things such as “Oh, I’m too old for that” or “my body isn’t like it used to be.” Sure, our bodies adapt and change over time, but why limit ourselves with this belief? Rather, why not reach for new goals that meet us where we are and as we are.

One reason why we at Full Circle love introducing Pilates to our more mature folks is that it is low impact on our bodies and specifically our joints, which become worn down over time. Pilatesfocuses on increasing stability, strength and flexibility simultaneously which is incredibly beneficial for those that are looking to restore their “functional movement” such as balance and posture that may have been lost over time.

At Full Circle, we are proud to offer a plethora of widely accessible mat, equipment and private classes taught by our wonderful instructors who are more than happy to tailor to your specific needs and modifications.

Emma Speakman