Stories of Inspiration: Kate Hammett-Vaughan

In case you missed our January newsletter…

Here is an exceptionally inspiring story of one of our superstar clients.

Kate Hammett-Vaughan is a Canadian Jazz Vocalist and Voice Teacher that we are honoured to have as our client.

When we first met Kate, she was experiencing sciatic pain, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, and bursitis in her hips. She had been walking with a cane for two years and had been told that Pilates would be a great form of rehabilitation. “When I noticed a Pilates studio open across from my house, I thought ‘WOW’, well isn’t that serendipitous.” Kate started coming to the studio in the Fall of 2013.

“Six months later, after working twice a week with Darcy McMurray and her very skilled group of instructors, my body pain had been greatly reduced. I am stronger now, and more mobile than I have been in two decades. No more cane, no more limping!”

Kate recently underwent surgery on her spine. In the months leading up to her surgery, Kate was coming to the studio for Mat & Equipment classes 6 times a week! “I knew I wanted to get my body as ready as possible for the surgery. The stronger I went into the surgery, the stronger I would come out of it.” In fact, Kate’s doctors were really surprised to see her bounce back so quickly from the surgery.

“They told me 4-6 months recovery time, but I was back in the studio in just under a month. I completed a Private session with Heather Laura Gray and resumed all group classes after that. I couldn’t believe how my range of motion kept increasing week after week.”

Kate attributes a large part of her rehabilitation to her consistent devotion to Pilates and her regular sessions at Full Circle Studio.

Kate adds that, “Pilates has also positively affected my life as a professional singer, breath and posture being crucial elements when I perform, as well as when I teach. My students are also grateful now to have a more physically fit, happy and energized teacher to work with.” 

We are so proud of you Kate, thank you for sharing and inspiring us all!

Emma Speakman