The Benefits of Body Awareness

We snapped this pic of Susan, one of our fantastic instructors, teaching a mini-anatomy lesson in the middle of an Equipment class.

Most of us know that Pilates is great for strengthening core muscles, increasing flexibility, and rehabilitating from injury. We’d like to take a moment to highlight a less talked-about benefit of Pilates: increased body awareness.

What is body awareness?

Also known as kinesthesia, body awareness is the ability to sense the position of our body parts in space and to move those body parts in an intentional way. By building our body awareness, we can gradually learn to correct our posture and our habitual patterns of movement in order to prevent injury and strain.

Pilates is centered around the mind-body connection. Not only do we learn about our bodies from our instructors, but the exercises also help us to locate and communicate with our lesser known and lesser used muscles. The choreography of Pilates exercises further increases our ability to communicate with and feel multiple parts of our body working together.

Working out while watching your favourite series show might help to take your mind off of the energy you’re exerting, but it does not help to build the mind-body connection – in fact it encourages a mental check-out. Pilates encourages a check-in by focusing on the breath and narrowing in on specific muscles.

So come on by and meet our resident skeleton – then stay for a class!

Emma Speakman