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Pilates For Rehabilitation

At Full Circle, one of our favourite things to witness is confidence and ease in movement, and we feel that can be achieved at any fitness level. Regardless of whether you are a professional athlete or not, we are here to meet you just where you are in life.

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Treating Shoulder Pain with Pilates

Did you know…
There are no bony attachments connecting our shoulder blades to the back of our body. The only skeletal connection between our shoulders and the rest of our body is in where the shoulder and clavicle meet, forming the AC joint. Essentially, muscles are responsible for keeping the shoulder stable and supported, making it the most mobile joint in the body,
and also the one most susceptible to injuries.

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Welcome to the World of Fascia!

Fascia is an all-encompassing system which Victoria Pilates, defines as “an elastic connective tissue that runs throughout [the] entire body” and is made up of a “dense web of fibres.” One way to think of it, is that it is like the casing that encapsulates a sausage, or the white layer of skin beneath the exterior layer of skin on an orange or grapefruit.

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