Weekly Class Schedule

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Class Descriptions


Level 1 is an entry level class for those working on postural and structural issues. The instructor will ensure that each participant is clear with the work and set up properly.

Level 1/2 is an intermediate level class, catered to the individuals in the class. Participants should be clear on the work before entering this class.

Level 2 is an intermediate/advanced level class, meant to challenge participants who have a strong foundation of the work.


Open Level is a mixed level class, catered to the individuals in the class. Modifications will be offered throughout the session, and more challenging variations will be encouraged for those who feel able.

Chair is the most challenging piece of equipment due to its small surface area of support. You will work with your own body weight and levers, as you are both assisted and challenged with the spring tension of this equipment.

Well Back is a Mat class that focuses on stability and deep core. It is a safe class for beginners and for those working on rehabilitation.