Mat Classes

Want to strengthen your core and stabilize your lower back? This is the class for you! Our Mat classes are a great place to get your body back in gear. Your instructor will offer individualized modifications and integrate small props and equipment to make getting stronger and more flexible surprisingly fun!

Pilates Mat Rates

Drop-in = $24
Mat package of 5 = $110 ($22/class)
Mat package of 10 = $200 ($20/class)
Mat package of 20 = $360 ($18/class)


Equipment Classes

These Equipment classes incorporate a variety of Reformer, Chair, Barrel and Cadillac-based exercises, all of which will focus on core stability while also challenging your strength and flexibility in your arms, legs, hips and ankles. This class is limited to four people.

You must have completed a minimum of 1 private to join these group classes.

Equipment Class Rates

Equipment single drop-in rate $42
Equipment package of 5 = $190 ($38/class)
Equipment package of 10 = $360 ($36/class)
Equipment package of 20 = $680 ($34/class)



Self Guided Workout

Come make use of our Equipment on your own time and go through a work-out that is catered especially for you. This is how it works:

  1. First take 5 private lessons with an instructor who will create a personalized work-out specific to your posture and physical needs.

  2. Then, come on your own time and take yourself through your personalized program, subject to studio approval and availability.

Self Guided Workout Rates

Self Guided Workout Session are $18 per session once you’ve completed 5 private lessons for $470.


Private Classes

Working one-on-one with a trained instructor is the most efficient way to target your specific needs. Whether you’re trying to rehabilitate from an injury or trying to strengthen your stability as a professional athlete, our specialized instructors will make use of our fully equipped studio to find the most optimal way to personalize your workout.

Introductory session = $94
Private session = $98
Private package of 5 = $470 ($94/class)
Private package of 10 = $920 ($92/class)
Private package of 20 = $1820 ($91/class)

Semi Private Pilates Rates

Want to book a semi-private session with a friend or loved one? This is a great way to get personalized workouts and have some quality time with a partner. We like to say: ‘Those who do Pilates together, stay together!’

Semi-Private Single Session = $60
Semi-Private package of 5 = $280 ($56/class)
Semi-Private package of 10 = $540 ($54/class)
Semi-Private package of 20 = $1040 ($52/class)


Chair Classes

The Chair is one of the most challenging pieces of Pilates equipment due to it's small surface space, which encourages the user to find a lot of core support against gravity. It is also one of the most versatile pieces to work on, as there are many standing and seated variations that are fun and only able to be performed on the Chair. This class is limited to four people.

Equipment single drop-in rate $42
Equipment package of 5 = $190 ($38/class)
Equipment package of 10 = $360 ($36/class)
Equipment package of 20 = $680 ($34/class)


Cancellation Policy

24 hours advance notice must be given for all appointment changes or cancellations. All late cancellations will result in full charge.

Terms and Conditions

No refunds. A 15% admin fee will be incurred for any package exchanges. All packages have a 1 year expiry from date of purchase.