Our Team


Darcy McMurray | Studio Owner


Darcy has been dancing since the age of 4. Through several injuries she was drawn to study Pilates as a form of rehabilitation in 2000. This not only brought her to a place where she was pain free but her Pilates practice allows her to still work as a professional dancer today.

After completing her training at STOTT PILATES® head office in Toronto, she was asked to join their team as an Instructor Trainer. Darcy traveled internationally conducting courses, workshops and examinations. She was also instrumental in designing the course materials and support materials the students use in the current training to date.

Darcy has continued her studies of anatomy through workshops with Mark Finch in Tensegrity, with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen in Body Mind Centering as well as Somatic Movement Therapy with Martha Eddy. She brings a hands on approach to her work and specializes in shifting holding patterns and working with clients dealing with both acute and chronic pain.

In 2008 Darcy moved back home and opened her own Pilates studio; Vancouver’s only STOTT PILATES® Training facility. She prides herself on having the highest quality instructors in the city. She is often called upon by other studio and physiotherapy offices to provide instructor recommendations.

“It was important for me to create a space where we not only had the capacity to heal ourselves, but where we are also encouraged to expand our perceptions of why and how we move in this world!”


Susan Kania | Pilates Instructor

From a young age, Susan Kania has been intrigued and fascinated with the human body. Her love of movement led her to pursue a career in contemporary dance, offering a greater knowledge of how the body moves and functions.

Through her work and training in dance she was first introduced to Pilates in 2004 and was immediately attracted to the detail and mindfulness of the work. She received her instructor training at Full Circle Studio from Darcy and Cherie and is now a certified STOTT PILATES® instructor.

She enjoys working with people and using my knowledge to help them explore the amazing capabilities of their own body both in the studio as well as utilizing the work in their everyday lives.


Chris Wright | Pilates Instructor

Chris brings a strong background in Human Anatomy and Sports Injury to his teaching with a Kinesiology degree from the University of Western Ontario. Post degree, Chris went on to study Contemporary Dance at Simon Fraser University. He has performed professionally for various Vancouver based dance companies, as well as places in the US and abroad.

Chris also played elite level soccer, red-shirting for Canada’s U17 youth soccer team and later became an open level Squash player touring extensively throughout BC.

Chris loves how Pilates both compliments and integrates his lifelong pursuit in sports and continues to be inspired by its comprehensive remedial benefits.


Kathryn Carlberg | Pilates Instructor

Kathryn is a professional dancer and dance instructor who has been dancing since the age of 5. Kathryn fell in love with Pilates 6 years ago, when she noticed it was an incredible way to keep her body conditioned, healthy and injury-free while going to university, teaching dance, and training as a contemporary dancer. Kathryn’s goal as a Pilates instructor is to help others reconnect to their bodies as they find more range and ease of movement to carry them throughout their every day lives.


Alison Denham | Pilates Instructor

Alison Denham is a Pilates Instructor and a Contemporary Dance Artist. She has been applying Pilates to her restorative movement practice for over 15 years. Her love of movement extends into her teaching and she is passionate about guiding and empowering clients to find functional movement and dynamic alignment. She has trained in STOTT PILATES® and is a graduate of the Pilates Center Teacher Training Program.

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Gail Lotenberg | Pilates Instructor

A certified STOTT PILATES® instructor since 2013, Gail shares with students her deep knowledge about the body from over two decades as a professional dancer and choreographer. She has always been a keen observer of the body’s functional anatomy and has spent years investigating somatic practice through Pilates, Yoga, Laban Movement Analysis and amateur sports. As a Pilates instructor, Gail has found an ideal platform for engaging with students at a profound level, about their bodies and the passion to move with precision, efficiency and strength.


Catherine Murray | Pilates Instructor

Catherine Murray is a contemporary dance artist and teacher who has recently relocated back to Vancouver after spending the past 15 years in Toronto. She received her BFA in Dance from Ryerson University in 2005, and subsequently her MFA in Dance from York University in 2013. As a teacher, Catherine has taught various styles of dance to all ages and levels for over 10 years. Catherine completed her STOTT PILATES® certification with Darcy McMurray at Full Circle Studio. Pilates has allowed Catherine to understand her body in a different and exciting way, and she looks to bring the same experience to those she teaches.

Stephanie Laoun Headshot.jpeg

Stephanie Laoun |
Pilates Instructor & Studio Manager

Coming from a background in sports, Stephanie’s life completely changed five years ago when she discovered the incredible benefits of Pilates. Through its healing practice, Stephanie was able to fully recover from a ten-year-old injury that prevented her from playing and competing in tennis, a sport she had been passionate about as a junior growing up in Montreal. Having now returned to the sport as a Tennis Professional, Stephanie owes much of her success to Pilates, and is eager to share her training and experience with her clients in the hope that it allows them to also achieve their goals.

Stephanie’s passion for Pilates truly shines through in her way of teaching. She aims to inspire her clients and empower them with the knowledge and the strength to move their bodies mindfully, healthfully and with ease: a practice she hopes they will carry outside the studio, and throughout their every day lives.

Stephanie is a certified STOTT PILATES® instructor who completed her Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels training at Full Circle Studio, under the mentorship of Darcy McMurray and Heather Laura Gray. She is a certified Tennis Canada instructor who coaches provincial-level junior players, and has been the studio manager at Full Circle Studio since 2015.


Stephanie Butler | Pilates Instructor

Stephanie’s contemporary dance training at Les Ateliers de Danse Moderne de Montreal first exposed her to Pilates. Through her personal Pilates practice she realized the profound benefits of the work as her own body transitioned out of chronic pain. From there, Pilates became an integral part of her personal well being.

As a teacher, Stephanie seeks to be a guide in helping her clients find a new awareness of the body through alignment, and a deepened understanding of their own physicality both in and out of the studio. Stephanie is continually looking for new inspiration as an instructor. She enjoys a rich practice of her own in Pilates, dance, yoga, and workshops in various movement modalities to further her along in her journey as an instructor. Stephanie is fully trained in all apparatus, including Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, and Barrel work.


Heather Laura Gray | Pilates Instructor

Heather’s love for pilates began over 5 years ago after tearing her hamstring and ligaments in her foot through professional dance performance. After not having much success with regular recovery avenues, she sought out pilates to help deal with the root cause of her postural imbalances. Luckily because of others In her dance community she learners from teachers in training’s with Physicalmind and STOTT PILATES® systems.

She has taken her training courses for Matt, Reformer, Barrels, Chair, Cadillac at Full Circle Studio. She has taught dance for over 15 years and continues to choreograph professionally in Theatre, TV & Film. Heather is so excited be a part of Full Circle’s fabulous team and looks forward to connecting and guiding others to a happy and healthy body.


Hana Rutka | Pilates Instructor

Hana Rutka is a dance artist, Pilates instructor, and student. A dancer from an early age, she has had a life long fascination with movement and is a graduate of Canada’s National Ballet School. As a result of several dance injuries, she was drawn to the rehabilitative power of Pilates and has been practicing Pilates alongside her dancing for over a decade. She has completed her
STOTT PILATES® training in Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrel. Hana strives to create a nurturing environment in her classes by encouraging students to deepen their awareness in order to achieve a dynamic sense of alignment and integrated, functional movement. Hana continues to work on her degree in Psychology at the University of British Columbia.